The #ThisIsMBC® campaign, a collaboration between Eisai Inc. and METAvivor, is intended to help change misperceptions about metastatic breast cancer (MBC), offer unbranded resources for patients, and encourage donations to MBC research. Launched in 2016, the campaign aims to encourage those living with MBC, as well as their friends and loved ones, to share their individual experiences through creative expression on social media by sharing portraits and videos about their personal stories using #ThisIsMBC.

Serenity Project

Launched in 2017

The first initiative, the #ThisIsMBC Serenity Project, focuses on the stories and journeys of multiple women living with MBC. These personal experiences are shared artistically and expressed through a series of underwater photos of the patients adorned in body paint, as well as interviews and videos. The project began as a tribute to the photographer’s wife, who passed from MBC before her story was able to be shared. The campaign aims to bring the stories of those who have lived with MBC to light, not just to honor those impacted by MBC but also to preserve their legacies.

Elements Prject Logo

Launched in 2018

The next initiative, the #ThisIsMBC Elements Project, spotlights men and women of all ages living with MBC as well as their caregivers who share their personal stories through powerful, avant-garde portraits conveying the impact of the disease on a person’s mind, body, and spirit. Similar to the #ThisIsMBC Serenity Project, this initiative also features water-themed photography, as the water represents living with MBC for the patients and their caregivers. The water (MBC) is always present but they are living their lives in the moment, through the good times and the challenges.

Beneath The Breast Project

Launched in 2019

The #ThisIsMBC Beneath the Breast Project highlights the stories of people living with MBC and their significant others to show the impact that MBC has had on them and their personal relationships. The campaign was created to explore the unique challenges that couples face related to an MBC diagnosis such as communication, intimacy, family planning, and change. The initiative was created to help bring couples closer together by offering this forum to express their feelings, feel less alone, and inspire others.

Launched in 2020

The #ThisIsMBC Perseverance Project spotlights a diverse group of 12 people living with metastatic breast cancer (MBC) and highlights the daily joy, difficulty, and reality of living with MBC. Participants were photographed in their own environment participating in activities that are precious to them and lend meaning to their lives. A second series of black-and-white photos captures the difficulties and realities of life with MBC. The contrasting photos displayed together, highlight the fact that despite living with the challenges of a terminal diagnosis, these patients are still persevering to try to live their best lives.

Fearless Project Logo

Launched in 2021

The #ThisIsMBC fearLESS Project showcases a diverse group of 10 participants with an MBC diagnosis who are living fearLESSly through friendship, community, and living life each day with meaning. The project features stunning, colorful images set against a desert backdrop and video content to evoke emotion and promote open dialogue, public awareness, understanding, and acceptance of MBC.

imagine project logo

Launched in 2022

Imagine, the latest initiative of the #ThisIsMBC campaign, spotlights vibrant, elegant imagery of 12 people living with metastatic breast cancer (MBC) to give insight into their challenges and experiences with the disease. They share their struggles and victories as they imagine their future hopes for living each day with MBC.