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Here you can find many helpful resources for metastatic breast cancer (MBC), collected from trusted sources on the Web. The portal lets you access many resources in 1 convenient place to make your MBC information search fast and easy.

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Metastatic Disease Is Distinct: Beth & Kim

Patients Beth and Kim discuss their unique experiences.

View more videos throughout the site!

View more videos throughout the site!

Being an advocate

A diagnosis of metastatic breast cancer is not only life altering—it can leave you feeling isolated. Most breast cancer awareness initiatives focus on the 'pink movement,' and MBC often does not get the attention it deserves. But there are advocacy organizations that support patients living with MBC, including many featured here on MBCInfoCenter℠.

The resources on this Web site are here to empower you with knowledge and support you on your journey. With this information, you can help to increase awareness and strengthen our community as a whole. Most important, you can learn to be an advocate for yourself—let MBCInfoCenter℠ help guide you along the way.

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